You want your readers to fall in love with your writing. 

You want them to imagine the world of your story like you do, love and hate your characters as passionately as you do, and feel their emotions just like your characters do.

A good writer will get out of their own way and stop dictating facts to their readers. They won’t tell their readers what they are supposed to think. Not directly. A good writer will show their readers the world from the point of view of their characters. Then they let their readers experience the events along with the characters.

It’s like living another person’s life.

Even sat in your armchair in front of the fire, you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone. You can be James Bond. You can catch that spy and hunt down the criminal mastermind.

As a reader, you know that. You’ve had that experience yourself, whatever genre you read. As a writer, it’s your job to give that gift to your own readers.

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This course is about helping you master that tricky beast of fiction, showing and telling, so that you can plant your story in your readers’ imaginations and hearts.

I’m going to help you:

  • understand the difference between showing and telling
  • understand why it’s important to ‘show’ in fiction – why this way of writing appeals to a reader’s imagination and emotions
  • debunk your misconceptions about how to ‘show’
  • create your scenes as vividly as they happen in your head
  • push the right buttons in your readers’ imaginations
  • give your readers the experiences of your characters
  • make your readers feel your characters’ emotions

Deanne Adams, Story Coach and Mentor

I’m Deanne and I care passionately about words and stories.

Words can convey a scene, create a character, set a mood. Words are the means by which we have developed technologies, arts and entire civilisations. Words make us human.

I love to help people grow in confidence, to express the stories they have within them, and to help them see that they already have the potential and power to become the writer they want to be. I help budding authors write their first book, and emerging authors prepare their manuscripts for publishing.

I support writers of fictional and personal stories to tell irresistible stories, as if they were simply born to write. My Storytellers’ Academy Course offers developing writers support and learning to master the craft of writing great fiction.

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